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Rules and FAQ’s

Q: What are the rules? How can I play?

A: There are three ways Little Boxes® works:

To enter the raffle, just go to any Little Box on the Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving. You can enter the raffle with our paper Passports or or with our smartphone apps. There’s no purchase necessary to enter the raffle and everyone can enter one time per store they visit.

If you make a purchase at one Little Box, they will give you a purchase code for your Passport. On your first purchase, you’ll unlock a 10% off discount that you can use for the rest of the event (a banner on your smartphone app or a sticker in your passport). Show this at the next Little Box and get 10% off*.

Keep making purchases to win bonus raffle entries. 4 – 7 purchases = 15 bonus entries. 8 – 11 purchases = 20 bonus entries. 12+ purchases = 30 bonus entries. So if you’ve made 12 purchases, you will have earned a total of 65 bonus entries.

Q: How do you know how many purchases I made?

A: The magic of computers! If you play on a smartphone, we keep track of your entries in realtime. If you play with the paper Passport, you’ll enter all your visit and purchase codes on a home computer after the event to claim your entries. Either way, they all go into our secure server and become little digital raffle tickets that we pick winners from.

Q: My smartphone app isn’t working! What should I do?

A: First, make sure you’re running the most recent version of the app. Check for an update in the App Store or Google Play on your phone. If that doesn’t fix things, let the store owner know you’re having trouble. It may be that cell reception is spotty in their store. The store owner can contact us for technical help. If all else fails, just switch over to the paper method of playing for the rest of the promotion.

Q: If I go to three Little Boxes and buy something, do I get 30% off at the next shop?

A: No, it’s just a flat 10% off* no matter how many purchases you’ve made, but the more purchases, the more bonus chances you have in the raffle. Some stores will be having sales above and beyond the 10% off from Little Boxes. These additional discounts may not apply when using the Little Boxes 10% off discount.

Q: I’m not much of a shopper. Why should I do this?

A: For us, Little Boxes is not all about shopping. It’s about exploring our town, finding a new favorite spot (or two). It’s about spending time with your friends and family. It’s about community, your neighborhood, and your neighbor’s neighborhood. Of course, we hope you decide to shop with us this holiday season, but you don’t have to shop to participate. Just come into any Little Box during the event, take a look around, and enter the raffle. Rinse and repeat if desired.

Q: There’s no way I could actually win something, right?

A: There are TONS of prizes. From the iPad to huge shopping sprees, restaurant vouchers, spa retreats, and hotel stays. We’ve had winners who only filled out one raffle ticket and we’ve had winners who shopped all day long and filled out a ticket at every shop.

Q: What can I win?

A: Take a look at all of our prizes here!

Q: I work at/own one of the participating Little Box stores. Can I win?

A: Little Box owners and employees cannot win raffle prizes, but you are more than welcome to explore and shop!

Q: Do you share or sell the personal contact information I write on the raffle tickets? Will you spam me?

A: We will never share, sell, or otherwise transfer your personal information to a third party without your consent. We would love to stay in touch with you via email, though, so if you’d like to hear from us next year, make sure you opt in during sign up.

Q: Can I get more than one raffle entry if I’m at a store for a long time or come back a second time during the event?

A: Nope. That’s against the rules. We ask everyone to play by the honor system and play fair.

Q: Oh no! I’m going to be out of town this year! How can I hear about this next year?

A: Bummer! We hope you have a relaxing trip. We'd love to stay connected. Check us out on social media or sign up for our mailing list.

Q: I own a shop in Portland. How do I sign up to be a participating Little Box?

A: Click to Apply to be a Little Box.

Q: Can I use your concept in my city?

A: We are working on expanding the program into other cities! Email us to let us know you’re interested. If we’re not ready to expand into your city just yet, you’re welcome to use the concept, but the name Little Boxes® is a registered trademark, so make sure you name your event something different.

Q: Where can I read the full text of the Official Contest Rules and Terms of Service?

A: Thank you for asking, guv’ner! Take a peek here.

*Some exceptions to the 10% discount may apply. Additional discounts may not apply.