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Who We Are

Little Boxes is a holiday shopping event that takes place the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday after Thanksgiving, that encourages shoppers to explore Portland's neighborhoods to discover and support the Little Boxes—small, specialty retailers—that make our city unique.

The event was started in 2011 by Betsy Cross of betsy & iya and has since grown to become a Portland Black Friday tradition. Paul Jungwirth, the independent software developer behind Illuminated Computing, added the mobile apps and website starting in 2013, and became a partner in 2015. And in 2017, Built Oregon, a nonprofit whose mission is to support, connect and accelerate Oregon’s consumer product ecosystem bought Will & Betsy's share.

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Built saw this as a natural way to support emerging and established product brands through encouraging shoppers to visit and buy from the retailers who carry these products in their stores. But beyond just the act of shopping, the organization saw the potential in creating community through the platform and event.

Visiting a new neighborhood. Trying a new restaurant. Taking the time to learn more about these products and the people who make them. All of these actions get past what seems to be the norm these days of racing to get the biggest discount. Little Boxes delivers and experience that makes shopping special: a warm greeting, uncommon gifts, and personal customer service.

So we invite you to Join Little Boxes, Portland's big holiday shopping experience. By doing so you will be supporting the local communities where we all call home.